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Archive for September, 2010

It’s a good thing I’m a writer…

Otherwise, I’d likely need to be put in a small room with very soft walls.

I don’t know how you spend your days, but I spend mine drowning in story. Every where I look I see an opportunity for something interesting, dangerous, passionate or crazy. I once spent an hour staring out of a hotel room window in St. Louis wondering if a comet struck the earth right then, and I survived, how exactly would I get home, and how would I find my family.

Same thing happens on my commute, in the shower, while I’m shopping and when I work out. Would I be able to survive the coming zombie apocalypse? Do I have any skills beyond designing databases and deciphering financial statements?

What about, if the government goes off their cracker and we slip into a totalitarian state? Could I get my family over the border and into the open arms of our Canadian liberators? Or would we go underground and form a resistance movement?

I’m not one for vampires — mostly — I trend toward end-of-days visions, but nearly all of my day-dreams involve some form of starting over with a broken world and finding a way to survive and thrive.

Must be growing up in the 1970’s with elementary school drills in case the Russians or the Chinese dropped a nuke on my little Kentucky town. Or maybe it was all those hours buried in books where the common man or woman rose up to greatness, not because they were a mighty warrior, or a brilliant scientist, but because of their will and their moxy.

That’s what my day dreams are made of.

How about yours?


A new interview

I love it when I get emails from people who’ve read my book. Really brightens my day.

One of my most recent email exchanges resulted in me being interviewed for an award winning web site — Reading on the Dark Side.

Christine asked excellent questions. I hope I answered them well.



The wild ox; strength and power.


Creativity; words, music, and art.


The troll cross; wealth and prosperity.


The sun; energy, honor, guidance.


Personally earned or lucky wealth and prosperity.


The harvest; patience and promise.


The chariot; journey and travel.

Note: This is not the real book cover.