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I had a reading a while back (August) at the Third Place Bookstore, a very hip and cool locally owned independent bookseller. I really like this book store for lots of reasons. First and foremost is how well everyone of the employees I’ve encountered is super friendly and knows their stuff. From one end of the book store to the other, they are experts in their field. Another reason is that they love authors. I’ve read there twice now, and had a great experience each time.

Here’s the introduction Steve Winter gave me the last time I was in for a reading. I think Steve totally rocks.


J A PITTS (08.10.11)

Good evening everyone and welcome to Third Place Books for this exciting and special event tonight where we are very pleased to welcome back to The Den, J A Pitts. My name is Steve and on behalf of the bookstore and staff, I want to personally thank you all for your support of Third Place Books. As an independent, locally owned bricks and mortar bookstore it is your steadfast patronage and purchases that allow us to continue hosting such great events like tonight’s book reading with Seattle author John Pitts and his latest novel featuring blacksmith bad-ass, Sarah Beauhall–HONEYED WORDS. Yow! (admire cover art)

In the literary landscape of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and zombie everything, there is a dense population of seemingly every occupation under the sun and every creepy crawly creature of the night. Bounty hunters, witches, and detective mages square off against the dark forces of vampires, werewolves and ghosts in a never-ending battle of good versus evil. John’s first novel, BLACK BLADE BLUES, introduced us to Sarah Beauhall, a singular heroine who may have one or two things in common with the other characters of urban fantasy, but she is definitely cut from different cloth… or should I say, forged from sterner mettle. To borrow and paraphrase from John’s online biography, Sarah is an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things.
In HONEYED WORDS, Sarah has found herself in the middle of a strange new world pulled straight out of the Viking sagas and into the 21st century: dragons and dwarves, fairies and giants with our heroine thrust into the role of reluctant savior in the face of impending Ragnarok. The beat of the hammer, the blistering heat of the forge, the screaming song of the sword… John’s unique creation of Sarah Beauhall and her Black Blade Blues are truly the heavy metal of urban fantasy. In one word: awesome

Please join me in welcoming… John Pitts.

Talk about making me feel like a superstar. Thanks Steve. I told you I’d blog this so I would never forget it. :)

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