Book tour, day 3

Gotta love San Diego.  Hanging with my buddy Lou is always a great thing.  We had breakfast at Perry’s cafe in Old Town, which was damn fine.  Then we went over and watched Prometheus in Imax 3D.  Still not sure how I feel about that movie.  May blog about in the near future.

After the movie, we went to his place, chatted up his family a bit, then took his son to work.  Then we headed over to Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, dropped off the awesome banner Allan and Paulette Rousselle made for me.  This banner is a three foot canvas printing of the book cover.  You can see it hanging behind me on the pictures folks are posting around Facebook.

We hit Players around 4:30, got some nachos and beverages and hung out.  Lori Fox and her daughter showed up just after five and we had some great conversations around books, writing, authors, Navy and relocation hassles.  Just before seven, my friends Steve and Steph arrived from LA.  What a haul.  Took them 3 hours to make the drive.  Normally it’s a 1.5 hour drive, but apparantly there’s some sort of carnival or something in San Diego that totally snarled up traffic.

By six forty-five we were ensconced in Mysterious Galaxy book store.  Great staff, excellent selection of books.  We chatted about books and more relocation woes.  Was fun.

Had eleven folks in the audience.  Read the first chapter of Forged in Fire which went over well.  Crowd was interesting.  Some folks I knew, and some I just met.  One woman I met on the plane coming down showed up with her daughter who is going to school to be a writer.  There was one couple who are from Kentucky originally and knew some of the same folks Lou and I knew from back home.  It was funny and cool.

A couple people hadn’t seen the books before, but were intrigued enough to pick up Black Blade Blues and Honeyed Words.  Sold a decent amount of books.  Bookstore gave me a very nice insulated cup with the store logo on it, and a thank-you card.  If I bury the card, flowers will grow, and the ink is some form of fertilizer.  I like this very much.  Multi-use technology.  I bet the Pansies are beautiful as well.

I signed a bunch of stock, so if you are looking for signed books, check them out here.


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  • Just finished Forged in Fire and I loved it. Quite a few surprizes and I can’t wait for the next installment for Sarah!

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