Happy Book Day: Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire comes out today. This is the third installment in the Sarah Beauhall series. There is a lot of closure in this book, questions answered, mysteries revealed. Of course, It’s part of a planned longer series, so new questions arise and new threads are unfurled. Early readers have said this book satisfies an excellent three book arc while leaving room for more Sarah, more Katie, more dragons, et al.

This series just continues to consume my brain. I love these characters way more than I every knew I would. I discuss them with my cohorts as if they were real people. And after all, they are definitely real to me. Writing wise, this book took things up a notch. I think the themes are a bit darker overall, but there are definitely moments of enlightenment and discovery. Here we begin to unravel the questions of big “D” destiny, free-will, obligation, family and love.

I think you will find Forged in Fire is a satisfying read. If you agree, let me know. I love to hear from readers. I especially love to hear what worked best and least for you. As a writer, I’m always striving to improve my craft. I think this book will show some marked improvement. Each book I write is better than the last one, at least as far as my personal writing growth is concerned. I hope you agree with that assessment.

Basically I want you to go out, get your hands on this series, and get lost in the world I’ve imagined. Many of you have written me about how engrossed you are in the world I’ve built (or twisted is more the case).

Here’s to the launch of my newest endeavor. My personal triumph and my most precious of paper children (as my good buddy Ken Scholes calls his books).

Books are wonderful. These books have a lot of hope and dreams riding along with them. I hope they help you realize a little of my joy.










Peace, and good reading.


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