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Archive for August, 2012

Finding my way back to the sea over at Genreality

It’s that time again.  I’ve blogged over at  I hope you will visit and see what I have to say.  This has been a tough summer for me.  From being overwhelmed at the day job, the book tour, and a myriad of other things, I’m still finding my way back to story.

Check it out.


Where I discuss grabbing that brass ring over at Genreality

I guest blog at Genreality on occasion, and I have a regular gig every other Wednesday.  This is a very cool blog site with some amazing folks sharing their worlds.  You should definitely make it a part of your regular daily blog roll.

Here’s my latest. 


I can’t remember fit

I think I was in the 9th grade, the last time I could run the bleachers, or do the suicides in basketball (run from one side of the court, to the free-throw line and back, then half-court and back, then the next free-throw line and back and finally the other side of the court and back.  You did NOT want to be the last kid back on that exercise.

After that, I’ve pretty much done a job that involves a desk and usually very long hours.  I’ve succumbed to middle-age without much grace, and with almost no thought to how the pounds have crept up over time.  Two or three pounds a year can really add up over a couple of decades.  Now, here I am, forty-seven and seriously out of shape and over weight.

I’ve given up soda once again.  26 days clean.  It’s definitely an addiction.  I’m down 8 pounds or so by rearranging my food intake mildly and removing the soda.  Not nearly enough.  I need to get back to the rowing machine, which I’ve talked about before.

The reason I’m talking about this all again is because my amazing wife just got me an interesting anniversary gift and I have to decide (her words) if I’m going to keep it or return it.

She got me a Fit Bit.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a glorified pedometer and sleep tracker.  According to the videos I watched on their site, I can also track my food.

Well, I already have a food tracker on my phone. It was free.  Something called Lose It!, which I find to be meh, and frankly annoying to use.  Not that the site is negative or hard to use, I just really dislike tracking my food.  Face it, when I eat out, especially fast food, I know I’m screwed.  I’ve managed to skip the McDonalds breakfast for weeks now and eat things like Greek yogurt, boiled eggs, a couple slices of cheese.  Way different from fast food, far fewer calories, cheaper and not laced with heart-attack amounts of sodium.

Is that really a good breakfast?  I don’t know.  Lunch at work is usually so psycho I could go from nothing, to fast-food to a rare decent meal.  Dinner is usually very healthy and balanced as I eat at home and the wife is an amazing cook.  Tonight for example she made this amazing roasted tomato and pepper soup.  Add a grilled Turkey and Cheese sandwich and a side of cut, fresh veggies and I think it was pretty okay.

But I need to make a decision about this Fit Bit.  Is it worth the hundred bucks price-tag?  Has anyone used one?  Are there any success stories out there that tell me I should keep this thing, or would I be better off doing something different.

Of course, I’m not being very successful as it stands today, so trying something like this may be different enough to be successful.  I’m skeptical and worry I’ll just run the thing through the washer.

Let me know your thoughts.  I have a doctors appointment today that will let me know how I’m doing, what my cholesterol and my sugar levels are this round.

I just wish I didn’t hate exercising so much.  Loathing and hatred.  Vitriol and unabashed disdain.

I may be a wee bit cranky about the whole thing.

Let me know what you think about the Fit Bit and I’ll slog through the rest.



The wild ox; strength and power.


Creativity; words, music, and art.


The troll cross; wealth and prosperity.


The sun; energy, honor, guidance.


Personally earned or lucky wealth and prosperity.


The harvest; patience and promise.


The chariot; journey and travel.

Note: This is not the real book cover.