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Well, I’m in San Antonio wrapping up some time with the family before they flee back to the sane weather in the Pacific Northwest, and I continue here in the land of hot and humid. This little trip has been interesting. Always good to reconnect with family and honestly not spend too much time dealing with my day job for a while. I love my job, but getting away every now and again is a good thing to do.

Starting Thursday, this vacation evolves into Worldcon – Lonestarcon. The third time San Antonio has hosted World Science Fiction convention. I’m looking forward to seeing folks I know, and meeting new people along the way. My last Worldcon was in Reno and it was also HOT. I’m beginning to think we should maybe support the Helsinki bid for one of the upcoming Worldcons, if for no other reason than to balance the temperature. :)

Okay, here’s my schedule. If you want to meet me, here’s where I’ll be. Stop me and chat a bit if you see me around. Never fear, I’ll let you know if I’m jammed, but I love to meet people.

Writers Workshop F

Friday 13:00 – 15:00

Alex Shvartsman, John Pitts
Food in Science Fiction and/or Fantasy

Saturday 12:00 – 13:00

From soylent green, to vat-grown protein, to descriptions of lavish meals in Game of Thrones, food is depicted in many forms in science fiction and fantasy. Our panellists discuss the role of food in world-building. There may even be recipes, although probably not for soylent green.

Chris O’Halloran (M), Liz Argall, Fran Wilde, John Pitts
The Impact of SF on Economies and Scientific Development

Sunday 18:00 – 19:00

The SF Community regards either itself or the literature as having had some impact on the larger world. We dare ask: Have we really?

Sam Scheiner (M), Yasser Bahjatt, Clifford (Kip) McMurray, John Pitts

Autographing: Elizabeth Bear, Gabriele de Cuir, EIleen Gunn, John Pitts

Monday 10:00 – 11:00

Eileen Gunn, Gabrielle de Cuir, Elizabeth Bear, John Pitts

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Ernest Cline


The wild ox; strength and power.


Creativity; words, music, and art.


The troll cross; wealth and prosperity.


The sun; energy, honor, guidance.


Personally earned or lucky wealth and prosperity.


The harvest; patience and promise.


The chariot; journey and travel.

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