Lady Like Book Club reviews Black Blade Blues

BBB_MMPBIt’s been a weird summer. Lots of day job crazy, some scattered writing projects and a good solid revision on book 4 in the Sarah Beauhall series.

About a six weeks ago, while I was teaching at the Cascades Writers Workshop one of my fans pointed me to a really cool podcast which just happened to be featuring Black Blade Blues.

I got back to my room, called the family and was about to crawl into bed, way past my normal bedtime, when I remembered the podcast. I clicked over to it and found myself totally enthralled with these women. It’s >>>>> Lady Like Book Club, episode 15  <<<<<

Even though it was really late I listened to the whole thing It’s funny and sweet and says nice things about my first published novel. They really liked it. I had no idea they were talking about the book, I’d never heard of them before, and suddenly I want to get to know them. I want to meet these intelligent, funny irreverent women who have such a great time building a podcast. It is obviously something they love.

Check them out. I’m thinking you’re gonna love them as well.

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  • I’ve read all three books and am eagerly awaiting the fourth. I care not what others may have to say about them, I think they’re a good funny read. Please continue to write and publish the series. thank you.

    • Thanks, Dennis. I’m glad you like the books. I’ve got a few things in the works that you may interest you. I’ll post more here as things happen.

  • I found the first book at a garage sale for a dollar and fell completely in love with it. I thought it was one of those books that leave you hanging and has no second book until I went to Borders book store and saw Sarah Beauhall on the cover of Honeyed Words. I practically screamed in the store. I loved the second book also. I had just ordered the third book in Amazon. I haven’t even read it but I’m sure I will love it and already looking forward to the forth. For what its worth keep up the awesome work Mr. Pitts.

  • I love all of your books for i own them all and i can’t wait to read the next book and i do hope that you will continue on the series even more

    • Thanks, Daniel. I’m working on more books, so you’ll see more Sarah and Katie in the future. I’ll post when I have specifics.

  • hello i just want to tell you that i love your sarah b series. i read all 3 in less than 48 hrs and i need more. i also want to say your writing is fabulous, i get completely immersed in your writing, sometimes it feels like im really there fighting along side. plz plz plz hurry with another book about sarah

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