Short Story Collection available for pre-order.

While Thursday I mentioned my first ever e-novelette, Bones of my Father is available for purchase.  Today I bring you even more news.

For those with a little more patience, you can wait until November and get the full collection containing this and 13 other stories.  In it you will find the original short story that launched the Black Blade Blues series, as well as two unpublished stories set in the Sarah Beauhall world.  One featuring Katie and Sarah, and another set in Japan.

There are also 9 other previously published stories, Bones of my Father, and the never before seen Luck Muscle.

Publishers Weekly said some nice things, including: “The 14 short works of science fiction and fantasy show that Pitts is comfortable with a wide range of settings; as ordinary as the soundstage of “Black Blade Blues” (linked to Pitts’s Sarah Beauhall books) and exotic as the alien world of “Towfish Blues,” as fantastic as the fairy kingdom of “Mushroom Clouds and Fairy Rings” and as familiar as the university campus of “Three Chords and the Truth.”  … Pitts often turns to art and romance, those most human of activities, to anchor the stories.”

This collection is available for pre-order  (available in e-book as well as trade paperback) at Fairwood press today.   We will be launching officially at Orycon on Saturday, November 9th along with The Diamond Deep by Brenda Cooper as well as the anthology Raygun Chronicles edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

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