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Cleric Journal: Day Fifty-Seven



You will never believe who rescued me. Well, who was helping Liz rescue me, if I was being fair. She was the mastermind, but that’s a totally different story. You know I suggested she start her own journal at one point and she told me exactly where I could stick my parchment and quills. It did not sound sanitary.

Okay, the individual who was cutting the ropes that bound me to the pole was none other than Sparkle GlitterBlade. Yep, you guessed it. Halfling thief. I was both shocked and pleased. This was the one who abandoned Tim and the crew during/after/before the dragon fight we witnessed a while back. The one where the barbarian and elf were mostly melted by dragon breath. Yeah, that crew. You know, now that I write this, I’m wondering if Sparkle GlitterBlade may be an alias. Who in their right mind would name a thief Sparkle. Thieves are supposed to be nondescript. And Sparkle was flamboyant. Seriously. You think Tim and his fuzzy pink hat were ostentatious. Sparkle wore a suit made of bright green giant snake skin and boots made of purple leather of some ilk. The colors were bright enough to have shamed Brother Charles.

Two things told me I could trust him. First of all after he cut away my ropes, he pressed my mace into my hands. That mace, that made evil creatures melt/fry/burn/disintegrate if they tried to pick it up. If he could handle it, that was good enough in my eyes.

Second he didn’t wait to see if I was going to join him, he just launched himself at the head of the kobolds and killed two lieutenants before they even knew what was happening.

Then Liz jumped into the fray with her spear and another few went down, leaving the head guy to me. I did not hesitate, I’m afraid to admit. The earlier humiliation with kobold excrement had really hacked me off.

The idiot raised his dagger, spinning in a quick circle as his people dropped around him. He cried out for the wizard but did not give a name. Tim had obviously been playing coy.

Now, I’m not a trained warrior, and this was the head of the kobold clan, so I was a bit outclassed in speed and experience. He actually landed several unfortunate cuts on me. In my defense I was stiff from being tied up all day, but as I danced around, catching his blade on the mace a couple of times, I started to warm up.

Liz called out to me a few moments in and I heard something land near me with a thump. I made a wild swing and then stepped back, nearly falling over my shield. That was good to have.

I was pretty impressed by the next move. Kobolds were waking up all around us. Liz and Sparkle were attacking kobolds as they staggered up. Some died before they were fully awake, but there were a lot of the little munchers.

The clan leader grew bolder upon seeing a good fifteen to twenty of his elite fighters banding together against the three of us. I stepped back, thinking to put some of the minions between himself and the three of us who were converging in the middle of the camp, covering each other’s blind spots.

I had a moment and ducked to scoop up he shield and suddenly it was a shift in the odds. I stepped forward, batting aside two kobolds who threw themselves at me, sidestepped and brought the mace down on a third. They may have outnumbered us, but we were mighty.

Twice my friends called out, taking wounds, but they did not fall. Several kobolds broke away and started firing sling stones at us, but Liz charged through them, destroying that little group. To this point we had been blissfully unaware of the flying kobolds. Too bad for us.

Sparkle collapsed under a barrage of stones and I stepped over to shield him from further missiles. The left me exposed to the skittering knife wielders.

Then I remembered I was a cleric with mad skills. I told Liz to run, to draw them away in common, which the kobolds did not know. She only hesitated for a moment then nodded and ran.

I squatted next to Sparkle and cast a spell, calling on Kithri to help her fallen brethren. I do not know the name of the spell, but I know the affect. A veil of divine aura flowed around us, creating a shelter of sorts. The kobolds nearest us looked around in confusion at our sudden disappearance, then took up the chase with the others. Liz was leading them away, giving me time to help Sparkle.

While we were isolated I performed a healing on Sparkle and was surprised when she opened her eyes. Yes, she. Up until that point I had assumed she was a he. Honestly, I have no good excuse for it other than an inherent ignorance of gender roles and professions. Girls can be rogues. It’s not just for boys.

The monastery may not be large enough to truly give us enough perspective on the true world. Just something to think about.

The magic closed several nasty dagger cuts and Sparkle sat up, astonished and smiling. She patted me on the cheek, kissed me on the lips and stood, adjusting her armor. Now that I wasn’t trying to brain the head of the kobolds I got a good look at her. She was curvy in all the right places and those leather pants reminded me that there may be a different type of healing I’d like to do with Sparkle.

My mind sorta slid sideways there for a moment. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I watched her as she took off after the kobolds, a blade in each hand.

Definitely liked the way the leather pants looked on her. Maybe when I get back I’ll bring Sister Agnes a pair of those. That would be very interesting.

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