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Cleric Journal: Day Fifty-Two



Liz and I discussed making a new raft today. I didn’t have an axe so chopping down trees would be a problem. There were plenty of reeds though, so we could make floats for our gear. That way we could swim through deeper water and pull the gear behind us. It was worth a shot. And as I’ve said before, anytime you are on a long trek, it’s good to have goals and projects. Liz showed me how her people wove reads into baskets and I determined that the magic of the mending spell worked to help. See, I could repair an item back to its intended form and state. When I mended my robes they didn’t return to raw wool, they retained their robe like qualities.

When I made a fairly half-assed basket, I could use mend to bring it on home. In the end, I could do two baskets in the time it took Liz to do one. Hers was much prettier, but mine worked. Once we had the concept down we stopped for a light lunch (damn Tim for setting that precedent) and I took a little nap while Liz started in on the bigger float we would need to carry most of our gear. Well, two. One for each of us to pull. Liz took the larger one since she could swim much longer than I could.

Woke up from my nap to find Liz feeding bits of fish to the three heads. They weren’t singing or talking, but no matter how much fish she tossed at them, they ate and ate, like there was not bottom to their appetites. Seeing at they had no bodies, I guess it was probably true. Where did the fish go.

I asked them but they rolled their eyes and shut their mouths. Reminding shrunken heads that they had no bodies proved to be rather rude. I tried apologizing to them but they would have none of it. In the end, I put them back into their satchel and helped Liz get the floats finished.

The lake we had to cross was nearly a league. I could swim most of that way, but I would have to strip down to my small clothes. It also meant adding my weapons, shield, armor, and everything else to the float. I kept the mace on the point closest to me in case we were attacked, but I figure if something comes up from the bottom of the lake to bite me, I’d have a hard time fighting it.

We had a plan and Liz scouted out a ways before the sun set. We were going to spend a second night on this little island and take off at first light.

More lightning tonight. It was pretty. Figured Tim would’ve cut west already, but he seems to be ahead of us.

Unless there is a second lightning wielder.

That made me sit up. There was that creature Kithri had called an eel – like a leech only instead of latching on with an evil razor mouth, it shocked other creatures with electricity. This show made me thing about the eel I’d seen when I was so very sick, which in turn made me think of Old Leech Eye and Mumford. Then I had the sads again.

I hated being sad. It made me think of other sad things which always lead back to my mother. I started to say something to Liz when she got back from her scouting trip. Though by the time she came back she was tired and hungry and I had decided that being abandoned as a baby wasn’t nearly as awful as having your whole village kidnapped by giant toad people and forced to fight for them.

Maybe it was time I stopped mourning a mother I never knew and went on with the growing up part. Tim could’ve had a point there. Life isn’t a picnic every day. Sometimes it just sucked.

I welcomed Liz back with a smile and a bowl of iron ration stew. She gulped it down and told me about her trip. There is another tower, she said. She swam about half way out into the lake in just under two hours and saw on the far shore a tower. She thought maybe it was one of those road towers, but she said it was surrounded by undead.

Father Mulcahy, is it possible we have found another of our lost temples? I was excited to go find out.

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