Buy the Books

1. Buy Your Books SIGNED!

If you order books through the website of University Bookstore in Seattle, J. A. Pitts will come into the store to sign and personalize them to you before they ship out. There’s no additional charge, and the store carries most of J. A. Pitts’s books and will also take pre-orders. International orders are also accepted.

Here’s how to order.  Follow these directions carefully or you might get an unsigned book sent to you!

1. Go to University Book Store’s website and search for J. A. Pitts’s books. Order the books you want, put them in your shopping cart, and start the check-out process. For anthologies, search by title.

2. On the payment page, there’s a comment field.  Enter the following: “Please send me a personalized signed copy (or copies).”  Then write in who you would like the book or books made out to. Be VERY specific about the name. Some people say “make it out to me, Joe Smith” when they really just want it made out to “Joe,” not Joe Smith.  So tell us exactly which name should be in the book! YOU MUST TELL THEM YOU WANT THE BOOK(S) SIGNED. BOOKS DO NOT COME AUTOMATICALLY SIGNED.

3. Pay for the item and complete your order.

4. The store will get in touch with J. A. Pitts to stop by and sign the order, then the books will be mailed to you. Just be advised that something like this might not ship out the very next day. There may be a delay before J. A. Pitts can stop by. It can run as long as two weeks. Don’t worry–we’ll try to be fast when there’s a new order.

5. PLEASE direct all selling type questions (pre-orders, shipping costs, etc.) to Duane Wilkins ( and the bookstore, not J. A. Pitts.

Note: I reserve the write to modify specific message requests–especially long ones!

NOTE: Ordering new books through University Bookstore is the ONLY way to get signed books (aside from going to a signing in your city). You cannot send books you already own, nor can you order signed books through another site, such as B&N or Amazon.

Be advised, University Book Store will gladly sell you copies unsigned if you wish.
2. Buy Your Books From The Big Booksellers
And, of course, you can always order online from “the big guys.”  That’s cool too!  These links will take you directly to J. A. Pitts’s  book listings on the Amazon, Chapters Indigo and Barnes and Noble websites. Books ordered from these websites are NOT signed.

3. Buy Locally
Most bookstores in your area should carry J. A. Pitts’s titles–especially the Sarah Beauhall series. If you can’t find the books at your local store, don’t be afraid to ask. If they don’t have the book you want, most any quality bookstore should be able to order it for you and have it show up in a week or so.

A Note About Release Dates
The release dates listed on this website are the actual release dates straight from J. A. Pitts’s publishers. If you go into a store after a book’s release date, and they say it’s not out yet (this has happened at big chain stores before), then they’ve made a mistake. Order the book online instead–say, like, at University Bookstore listed above.

Thanks to Richelle Mead for the idea (and content) for this page, and for Duane Wilkins for telling me to “go copy what she did.”